Love Beetles
We're going Beetle to the wedding!

It's the bride's idea to hire a Volks Beetle for the wedding. It's fun and unique! We were initially looking for a carousel to have a fancy, magical entrance but then we thought our options to get one are so scarce. We don't even know where to find one back home. So, we're going ahead to ride a cool beetle.

Look at that,,we're gonna be LOVE BUGS after all!


Hotel Gracelane Mini-Suite
It is certainly cheaper and more traditional to do the preparations at home, but preparations on the day of the wedding are crucial to the photography and video so we opt to do it outside. In choosing a venue, we have to consider the following factors:

1. Location - the place must be conveniently located near the bride's residence and the church so that family will not waste time in distance travelling.
2. Room aesthetics - As the main objective in getting a hotel for wedding prep is for photoshoot and video, the hotel room must be well lit, must have fine furnitures, clean draperies and beddings, and ambience good for photoshoots.
3. Comfort and cleanliness - Thirdly, we will of course stay at the hotel the night prior to the wedding and after the wedding. Of course the bride, groom and both families must sleep very well and comfortably before the big day and after the tiring and long wedding day, the couple must have a relaxing night sleep. This too is critical.

4. Hotel vicinity views and Access to facilities - Outside the room shots are a must so the hotel's outside or garden view must be considered as well. The photographer must not have limited access to the hotel's nice spots for photoshoot.
5. Budget - This is the least to be considered but still required.

With all this in mind, unfortunately, around the vicinity there is only 1 hotel that seems to fit all of the above. Our option goes to Hotel Gracelane. The hotel is conveniently located near the reception venue and just 10-15 minutes away from the church and the bride's residence. Accomodation prices per night ranges from 1,600 - 4,100 php (inclusive of tax and service charge). The mini suite accomodates 4-6 people for 2,600php / night with the option for Garden View.