FACTS: In the Beqaa valley, undulating in the magnificent landscape opens up the ancient city of Baalbeck. Baalbeck's awe-inspiring temples and city ruins are among the largest and finest examples of Roman architecture in the world. It is Lebanon's greatest Roman treasure, can be counted among the wonders of the ancient world.
"The Bekaa-Valley" invites you to the heart of the most beautiful vine growing areas in the world. Cold and snowy winters, dry and hot summers, cool nights and misty mornings, are all ideal conditions for getting vintages that produce exceptional wines. Grapes varieties include syrah, merlot, cabarnet-sauvignon, morverdre, carignan, and many others. You will first visit Ksara, in the heart of the Beqaa, where more than 5 vineyards produce exquisite wine and arak.


There is a whole new archeological experience at Anjar, which dates from the Umayad Dynasty. Other than a small Umayad Mosque in Baalbeck, there are few other remnants from this important period of Arab history in Lebanon.


FACTS: Thriving modern town built upon multiple layers of ruins, Byblos is a mix of sophistication and tradition. A contender for the title of "oldest continuously inhabited city," Byblos is part of the coastal area once known as Canaan or Phoenicia. The Grotto of Jeita is one of the most impressive pure limestone caves in the world. It never fails to delight and astonish everyone as they carry you to a mystical world full of natural charm and excitement.
And so I wandered..didn't loose any valuable time not roaming around. Wondering about the nightlife? Here's a couple of things I did.