The Other Twin

On love: Gemini loves to flirt and is a master of romance, but would rather just have romantic encounters than a life-time love with one person. For the Gemini, love is an everchanging and evolving phenomenon. This is why, if you want to keep Gemini in love, you have to be mysterious, rather unpredicatable, flexible and full of surprises. When the Gemini is in love, she is always working on some romantic surprise. Gemini likes to walk holding hands, to have candle-lit dinners, to go to romantic getaways where both partners feel very good.

Born 1985: The Wood Oxen 

The Wood Ox like hers is less rigid and at least conscious if not considerate of other people's emotions. She reacts more quickly than others of her sign and is likely to be more graceful socially. She will be admired for her integrity and ethics. She is fair and impartial although her lunar animal sign draws her towards conservatism. She understands and operates within a fixed social system and will be a much better showman than the Oxen of the other elements. Given the chance and motivation, she will embrace new and progressive views; she is less stubborn and able to concede to majority rule. She could climb to great heights, amassing wealth and achieving prominence, if she can succeed in founding and developing sizable industrial outfits. She has strong drive and will exploit her potentials to the maximum. She understands the importance of coexistence and will link her ambitions to a larger order of things. She is capable of teamwork and is likely to be corporate-minded.

Slambook Trivia:

Back in 1989 in the Sari-Sari Store in front of the house
Growing up with his older brother, she used to be very boyish. As a child, she climb up walls, wrestle, cook with soil and mud, and a star player in a local game called "tatsing".

1st Crush: When she was 8, a neighbor's family relative who wore the same checkered shorts played scrabble with her and both ate a corn on a cob together (what a date!)

Hair Trouble: Her mom cut her hair "boy style" or "siete" and took a picture of her in her flower girl gown with matching headband when she was 7 or 8. She got so angry that she took off and stayed in the rooftop until midnight!!! Also, she always stranggle her hair in the brush whenever she tries to curl it, ending up cutting a part of her hair just to loose the knots!

1st Admirer: Being Tomboy, she punched a boy who had a crush on her when she was in 3rd Grade!! (the boy cried..)

Layas Scene: She (6) and her brother(9) were scolded and decided to leave the house (for good?!). They brought food (that is chips and chizcurls..haha..), water and clothes. Before sundown, they were found waiting inside an old broken car parked outside the house but just beside the sari-sari store!!! Marvelous plan eh?

Proud Award: Of all her school awards, she was most proud when she got the "A1 Filipino Child" Award . This award is given to the most clean and fit student at school - no rotten teeth, no headlice, always wears clean, ironed uniform, and smells good.

Grace is an adventurous and future-oriented gal. While at the unversity, she was doing part time business as a mobile e-load seller in the dormitory. She saved a sum of money she used when she applied for her first job and buy her books. She was not a sports fan though she passed duckpin bowling, reached the peak in a wall climbing during a UP concert, and rowed a dragon boat with the Philippine rowing team!! She danced her way from pre-school to highschool through college ranging from pop,ethnic,theater to interpretative. And lastly, she hates math but she won 2nd place in a Math Contest in Grade 1!