Who never dreamt of planning her own wedding? How would it look like,the flowers, the fantasy, the magic...As soon as he pops out the  once in a lifetime question - "will you marry me? or will you be my wife?" here comes the adrenaline rush! Then the exiting part begins. You daydream, looking at you finger, mesmerizing the 2 karat diamond ring he gave you midnight of February. That was a long night but the earliest time as it fell on the same day of you one year anniversary. Who could have thought that was one year ago? Who could have thought that was fast? But the time your heart beats was faster than when you jumped from a 1000meters sky diving experience in Umm Al Quwain.

As you opened the door, you saw a nice looking guy, different from the plain shirt and rubbershoes guy who asks you for dates the whole year. He was in his polo shirt, checkered with plain white smells good inner shirt. Wearing the new shined leather shoes and his best fit pants. You sat beside him in a shining black Honda Accord 2009 and drove to a place you're not sure where. You relaxed, sure that he won't take you to a place where you have to walk 10miles wearing your 3 inches heels and pleaded skirt since he told you to wear your best at that night.And you weren't disappointed as you both approached a nice hotel with lots of lights near the marina. You walked beside him in the wooden path towards the bay where lots of yachts and ships were parked. Hmmm...could you be looking at the ships first before dinner? That was 10 O"clock in the evening and your stomach is growling. But the wait was short as you entered anther alley that says "Fishmarket". The place was cozy, a smiling face Filipino in a tux greeted you and asked, "Do you have a reservation ma'm / sir?" Surprised, your guy leaned to him and whispered something. It may have been the password or the code. The tuxedo guy immediately led you to the two seats beside the window and offered you drinks.

The place was gorgeous as you are. Its not a usual seat in diner. It was well lit, seafood themed but the ambience and smell inside the hall was not "fishy". You sit there looking around the place as he excused himself to go to the restroom. Minutes past, you were thinking where the heck did he go? Suddenly, he enters the diner, walking slowly towards you with the most romantic eyes and smile you've seen. He handed a huge bouquet of roses to you and you suddenly felt all eyes are towards you - the nearby table of 4 westerners, the waitresses, waiters, chefs, even the fishes busy swimming stopped and looked at you.

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